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We design, engineer, fabricate, install, repair, and modify heat transfer units and related equipment. This experience includes, but is not limited to the following:

Direct Fired Heaters

• Vertical and Horizontal
• Reformer Furnaces
• Reactor Furnaces
• Crude Charge Heaters
• Stabilizer Reboiler Heaters
• Stripper Reboiler Heaters
• Vacuum Heaters
• Gas Pre-Heaters
• Coker Heaters
• Arsine Reactor Heaters
• Fractionation Heaters
• DHT Change Heaters
• Steam Superheaters
• Hot Oil Heaters
• Air Preheat Systems
• NOx and CO selective catalytic reduction (SCR) units
• Regeneration Gas Heaters


Waste Heat Recovery Units

Process Heat Recovery Systems recovering heat from sources such as:

• Gas Turbines
• Engines
• Fired Heaters
• Incinerators

Control Systems for the above units.

Used and Refurbished equipment



fired heaters

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