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Heater Engineering

HRC relies heavily on the use of computer software to assist with the tedious time consuming tasks involved in designing and evaluating heat transfer and related equipment. This not only saves the client many dollars in cost, but also allows for a much more complete evaluation of a problem.

HRC's Sophisticated thermal rating programs use industry accepted correlations to design and size the following:

  • Direct-Fired Process Heaters
  • Heat Recovery and Economizer Units
  • Tubular Air Heaters


Other support programming required to design and evaluate are briefly as described below:

  • Ducting Pressure Drop Analysis
  • Piping System Pressure Drop and Analysis
  • ASME Section I Code Calculation
  • ASME Section VIII Code Calculation
  • API R530 Tube Wall Calculation
  • Insulation Analysis and Heat Loss
  • Gas Properties
  • Metal Thermal Conductivity
Heater Engineering






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